MuMoSim: Machine Learning Supported Multi-Model Simulator for Infection Research

25/09/2023 CompLS BMBF StatusSeminar Marburg 2023

Anastasia Solomatina, Kerstin Hünniger, Yann Bachelot, Oliver Kurzai, Marc Thilo Figge


Theory-informed experimental design for model identifiability: what needs to be measured?

21/09/2023 SBMI 2023

Anastasia Solomatina, Paul Rudolph, Sandra Timme, Yann Bachelot, Marc Thilo Figge


Individual-based modeling of daycare centers can predict optimal surveillance strategies against SARS-CoV-2

21/09/2023 SBMI 2023

Philipp Städter, Paul Rudolph, Sandra Timme, Oliver Kurzai, Marc Thilo Figge


Spatial distancing: modeling of a defense mechanism for pathogen immune evasion

21/09/2023 SBMI 2023

Yann Bachelot, Anastasia Solomatina, Paul Rudolph, Sandra Timme, Mac Thilo Figge


Spatial distancing: Investigation of a defense mechanism for pathogen immune evasion

26/07/2023 ECCB/ISMB Lyon 2023

Yann Bachelot, Paul Rudolph, Sandra Timme, Anastasia Solomatina, Marc Thilo Figge


Deep learning supported image analysis of angle-resolved scattered light images of bacteria in microfluidic droplets

09/09/2022 IBSB 2022

Arjun Sarkar, Carl-Magnus Svensson, Martina Graf, Anne-Sophie Munser, Miriam A. Rosenbaum, Marc Thilo Figge


JIPipe: Designing automated image analysis
pipelines without programming

08/09/2022 IbSB 2022

Ruman Gerst, Zoltan Cseresnyes, Marc Thilo Figge


Mcat: a multispectral cluster analysis toolkit for deep learning-based segmentation and clinical biomarker quantification of MSOT data

08/09/2022 IbSB 2022

B. Hoffmann, R. Gerst, Z. Cseresnyés, W. Foo, O. Sommerfeld, A. T. Press, M. Bauer, M. T. Figge


Modeling Candida albicans Complement Regulator Pra1

15/05/2022 Molecular Mechanisms of Host-pathogen Interactions and Virulence in Human Fungal Pathogens 2022

Paul Rudolph, Alexander Tille, Sandra Timme, Peter F. Zipfel, Marc Thilo Figge