Confrontation and phagocytosis assays are commonly used to investigate host-pathogen interactions of certain immune cells such as phagoytes like macrophages or neutrophils and various pathogens. Such experimental assays usually have to be analyzed using automated image analysis. From the resulting quantitave measures such as the number of phagocytosed or adherent pathogens and phagocytosing immune cells various phagocytosis measures can be calculated:

Phagocytosis Measures

Different phagocytosis measures that are commonly used to describe confrontation assays.

However, these phagocytosis measures are global measures and therefore lack the ability top provide micoscopic rates such as phagocytosis rates. Thus, we developed a modelling framework – CellRain – that performes Monte-Carlo Simulations on enpoint images and therefore is able to provide such microscopic parameters.

It can be applied:

  • to estimate microscopic parameters, such as phagocytosis rates
  • to perform numerical control experiments
  • to assist in experimental design