High-performance image analysis in C++

MISA++ (Modular Image Stack Analysis for C++) combines the high efficiency of C++ with the user-friendliness of ImageJ with the option to extend its usage beyond image analysis. The framework consists of a high-performance C++ library and a standardized ImageJ plugin that provides a graphical user interface for any application built with our framework.

The high-performance C++ framework features …

  • Automated parallelization of tasks
  • Memory-efficient caching of data on hard-drive
  • Providing additional algorithm parameters
  • Modularization of common tasks
  • Assigning quantitative results to data
  • Integration into other tools and pipelines

Image analysis capabilites are provided via the popular OpenCV library. Additionally, MISA++ comes with support for the OME-TIFF standard via the OME Files library.

By utilizing this functionaly, developers can effinciently create high-performance C++ applications that have a standardized format for parameters, input and output folders, and metadata. This standardization is used by our ImageJ plugin to prove a user interface for any application developed with MISA++.

MISA++ framework

MISA++ consists of two core components: A C++ framework and a standardized JSON interface. The high-performance C++ framework allows integration of third-party libraries like OpenCV or OME Files. The interface allows easy integration of applications developed with the C++ framework by standardizing parameters, data handling, and documentation.



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