The agent-based modelling framework is able to capture spatio-temporal dynamics of processes in pathogen-host interactions in the human system. This approach provides a variety of possibilities, as it can represent the specific morphology of cells as well as their migration and interactions within a defined environment. Although ABMs are very flexible and can be used for almost every biological system, their stochastic nature makes them computationally expensive. This is especially true if one wants to combine them with partial differential equations (PDE) to also mimic molecule-cell interactions. Therefore, we developed an efficient and scaleable framework in C++ to simulate complex models. This framework has been applied vor various studies to investigate host-pathogen interactions in whole-blood, the lung or to investigate antibody-antigen binding (for publications see below).


  • Completly developed in modern C++
  • Parallelized with openMP
  • Integration of high-effecient PDE solvers to simulate molecule and cell interactions


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